Manual driving is the purest form of driving. Everyone with a love for the road and cars admires the thrill of driving manual transmission cars. However, we understand that manual driving isn’t for everyone, and that’s what we aim to change. If you’re interested in manual driving, we’ll teach you all the tricks and settings you need to know to drive a manual car as easily as you would drive an automatic. A manual driver’s license also gives you the freedom to drive either an automatic or manual car, as per your preferences.

The use of standard transmission involves stick shifts to change gears as you accelerate and decelerate. You are also required to use a clutch pedal in manual transmission. Following these additional steps, especially while driving in a heavy traffic environment, can be challenging, which is why people typically opt for automatic driving. However, our manual driving lessons are perfectly optimized to suit the needs of every individual driver to ensure he learns to drive a manual car safely and comfortably.

In addition to lessons for beginners, we have also designed driving lessons for advanced drivers interested in learning manual transmission. Our qualified instructors will assess your existing driving skills and accordingly help you learn how to drive manually in London.